Top 10 Canadian Vacation & Insurance Bloggers

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  1. Nora Dunn: The Professional Hobo

    • Nora Dunn had a financial planning practice which she sold to find adventure through traveling the world. She has traveled through 30 countries and five continents, so her experience supplies her with loads of advice. She passes along this advice through her blog, which she updates twice a week.

    • Travel Tips & Resources page

    • Financial Travel Tip of the Week- really helpful, since she used to be a financial planner.

  1. Mitch Reynolds:

    • Mitch sells insurance and blogs about when and why you need it.

    • He works for Life Guard Insurance, which sends out The Insurance Insider Newsletter. In the March 2013 issue, Mitch cautions readers to make sure vacations don’t turn into financial fiascos because of medical emergencies.

    • One of his tips is that credit cards can provide emergency medical insurance coverage, so find out about that before you travel out of the country.


  1. Evelyn Hannon: Journey Woman

    • The premier travel resource for women

    • You can subscribe to the free monthly travel tip newsletter for information about tours and other things geared to traveling women around the world.

    • What to wear: Your clothes can affect your safety, social experience, comfort, and frustration (you have to lug around whatever you pack).

    • There is a packing guide with tips geared to your destination. Like, going to Europe? Heels clash with cobblestones, don’t waste the space.


  1. Dian Emery: Girl’s Getaway

    • Women talk travel

    • Getaway ideas: What is your ideal vacation: spa, beach, ski, shopping, adventure, cruise…? Find out where you can go for the best experiences, like swimming with turtles in Barbados!

    • Trip talk: Girls talk about what was great about where they went, like what made them happy at “The Happiest Place on Earth- Dinsneyland.”

  2. Mariellen Ward: Breathe Dream Go

    • Breathedreamgo is an “India-inspired” travel blog by Canadian writer Mariellen Ward — who has travelled extensively in India. It is both about her travels in India, and about a travel style she calls “meaningful adventure.” Mariellen is also the founder of the WeGoSolo movement, and is a strong advocate for female solo travel. If you are planning a trip to India, in need of travel inspiration or want to travel solo, check out this blog.


  1. Janice Waugh: Solo Traveler Blog

    • Wisdom about how and where to travel alone, safely, and without getting lonely.

    • Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

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    • Author of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, which you can purchase on Amazon or at the iBookstore.

    • What do You Learn Traveling Solo? She asked the question on her Facebook page and posted the answers on her blog. Some of the answers were:“That I CAN,” “To feel the fear and do it anyway,” “To be open for new adventures”…


  1. Dalene and Peter Heck: Hecktic Travels

    • The blog has a brilliant name and this couple is inspiring. They sold all their possessions to travel the world.

    • Since Peter is a photographer, the photos on this site are amazing.

    • Their articles have been featured on National Geographic’s Intelligent Traveler.

    • They have an e-book called How to Become a House-Sitter. The information could save you $$$ on accommodation.


  1. Ayngelina Brogan: Bacon is Magic

    • Living life with a different set of rules

    • Heartfelt posts about trying to live a life of indefinite world wandering.

    • There’s some good advice in here, such as: Do not go to Belize City, and When to Get a Tour Guide. She will also inspire you to try new things, like horsemeat!

    • She has Travel Tips, for instance: The art of packing light, she learned to travel with only a carry-on; How to take better travel photos, travel and photography are harmonious; Packing and preparing for airport security, ease the pain of going through security by knowing what to expect and how to pack before you leave home.


  1. Matt Gibson: self-titled travel blog

    • This writer and photographer loves adventure and wants to inspire other lovers of travel and outdoor adventure.

    • Advenspiration: incredible photos from his outdoor excursions combine with uplifting quotes and leave you motivated to experience more of life.

    • Sportskool: How to Stand-Up Paddleboard, How to Kitesurf, How to Skydive.

    • Photoessays: The breathtaking pictures of locations and descriptions make you feel like you have been there yourself.


  1. Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil: The Planet D

    • Where inspiration, adventure, and travel collide

    • Dave and Deb came to realize that travel represented who they wanted to be more than their careers did. They found a way to adventure full-time.

    • Their motto is “Adventure is For Everyone.” They travel slowly and absorb the culture wherever they go.

    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Whistler, is an excellent article. 10 Reasons to Visit the Philippines, gives reasons like: the people, the chocolate hills, and no scams.

    • Adventure Travel: They took a Muay Thai kickboxing course in Thailand, which you can read about in depth; a cycling tour in Africa, Tour d’Afrique; They had some fun water adventures, scuba diving, white water rafting, canoeing, surfing, canyoning, you can read about it all.

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