Universal Life Insurance Quotes in Canada

Universal life insurance offers a permanent protection life insurance policy that has tax benefits on its investment module. The accumulated values of cash can be used to cater the whole or part of your insurance cost. Universal life insurance enhances protection and security by offering extra source of income to cover for retirement needs, emergencies, or for estate planning.

You choose a mix of investment that suits you best putting into consideration the amount of risk that you feel comfortable with and the circumstances you’re in and financial goals that you have.

Products for permanent life insurance offer universal life insurance. It’s use is intended if you’re looking for an insurance that will cover you for the rest of your life.

There are two distinct key parts that make the Universal life insurance;

  • The insurance and the policy’s cost portion
  • The investment portion

There are two basic formats of the insurance portion, namely;

  • Level for life format
  • Increasing every year format

The universal life insurance policy’s investment portion appears same as numerous mutual funds even but cannot be referred to as mutual funds.

universal life insuirance

Most of the universal life insurance policies investment portion doesn’t behave the same way as mutual funds in other vital aspect. Same way as the traditional mutual funds, there is no typical guarantee for the investment options. Therefore, it means that just like the traditional mutual fund, you’re not guaranteed protection to all the investments integrated in your universal life insurance policy and at any time they can crash and burn.

In 2008 to 2009, several investment options for universal life insurance crashed by 30% to 40% right with the other markets.

You can use a policy for the universal life insurance without having to take advantage of the investment options. This makes the policy be like a term policy i.e. increasing the costs for insurance with no investments or cash options.

Keep in mind that the annual premiums are not necessarily similar to the costs of insurance. Therefore, it means that money there will be no effect when money goes in and out of the investment options. Be clear on the division of your premiums inside the policy. Be able to show the portion that covers investments and the one that covers insurance.

When choosing universal life insurance, you should consider the following;

  • You will not be reflecting the real policy when you’re using a conservative interest rate.
  • For investment options, TFSA’s and RRSP’s serve the customers better instead of investing inside a policy for universal life insurance.

If you’re in need of a permanent insurance, the Universal life insurance is the ideal choice. Here are features for some recommended universal life insurance policies;

  • Costs of insurance that is completely guaranteed
  • Level insurance costs (products that have level premiums are not recommendable but those with increasing costs of insurance inside the policy).
  • Minimal to no investments. Let your insurance policy act as insurance rather than be an investment.

Click here to learn more why you have to choose universal life insurance.

Features of universal life insurance

  • Flexibility – you’re the one to decide on the life insurance amount and how to pay premiums focusing on policy minimums.
  • Death benefit – the proceeds for life insurance are usually beneficiary’s tax free income
  • Increase in the value of cash is tax-deferred based on the present federal tax law on income.
  • Cash value accessibility – you can access the cash value to cater for education expenses, offer supplement for retirement as well as other personal objectives

General uses of the Universal Life Insurance

  • Caters for income loss, education expenses and mortgage costs for a family
  • You can access the cash value to cater opportunities in life
  • Helps in business planning and special needs


Reason to choose universal life insurance

Universal life insurance incorporates coverage for permanent life insurance having a flexible investment options portfolio that is customized to cater for your financial requirements and allied to ease your risk. In these harsh modern times, there are complex laws that make it necessary to fully protect your estate. The universal life insurance will do just that. The plan provides the following;

  • Death benefits choice
  • A wide investment range
  • Death benefits choices
  • Riders and Optional benefits
  • Flexibility on payment of premiums
  • Innovative methods of accessing accumulated value throughout the life of your plan


Universal life insurance policy will assist in giving you the serenity of insurance coverage for lifetime while investing your assets tax well.

If you questions about life insurance, go to http://ourinsurancecanada.com/life-insurance-quotes/

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance caters for high protection needs that requires low initial costs and lasts for a short duration. It’s an affordable way for families with strained budgets and need a full coverage. Term life insurance coverage caters for urgent needs and gives one an opportunity to change to a permanent life insurance and you’ll not be asked for a proof of health.

One can renew the term plans after 5, 10 or 20 years devoid of proof of health. The cost will increase with respect to your age during renewal. Converting from a 10 plan to a term 20 plan can be done during the 65th birthday of the insured or between the anniversary of the first and fifth policy (whichever comes first). You can buy term life insurance as the first step and afterwards buy permanent life insurance.

Term life insurance includes premiums offered for specific durations. The time period is known as ‘term’. There is an increase in costs for most term life insurance policies after one period has ended to usher another period. For instance, a five year term period covers for a level of five years and the premiums will increase after every five years.

The difference for most term policies is determined by the structure of the premiums and not the coverage.

Renewable and Convertible

You refer to term life insurance as renewable and convertible if most of the term life insurance policies in Canada have the two specific features i.e. renewability and conversion.

A policy is referred to as renewable if it renews automatically whenever the term ends. For example; for a term life insurance of 10 years, during the 11th year, another 10 years will automatically be renewed by the insurance at higher premiums. In the past, the renewable term life insurance was popular because the rates were very low which made it more sensible to renew your policy rather than purchasing a new one. Nowadays the rates are rocket-high and no one is willing to pay the high premiums at renewal.

Conversion is the preferred feature for today’s term policies. There is a policy provision for a convertible term life insurance whereby up to a certain age you can convert your term policy to a permanent one devoid of a medical exam.

This provision doesn’t mean a lapse of medical evidence. It’s necessary for any worst cases that arise, for example; if you’re using a term life insurance policy and afterwards you develop a complication that makes you uninsurable, then you’ll be permitted by the policy for a convertible term life insurance to convert to permanent life insurance policy without having to show proof of health. Most of Canadian life insurance companies offer this conversion for free with their term policies.

term life insurance

Expiry Date

Term policies have dates past which you can no longer use the coverage.

Term insurance gives a better option for anyone looking for life insurance for a certain time frame be it 10,20, or 30 years. You’ll get insured at lower costs over this duration compared to other alternatives.

Types of Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies are available in various different terms.

  • 5 year insurance
  • 10 year term insurance
  • 20 year term insurance
  • 30 year term insurance

Basically, the best way to select a term life insurance is based on the duration you’ll be expected to keep the insurance. I.e. a 20 year term keeps the insurance policy for 20 years, a10 year term for 10 years and a 30 year term for 30 years. Therefore, you should choose appropriately. Click here to learn more about the types of term life insurance.


  • A young family in their late 20’s should consider a 30 year term life insurance to cover their mortgage and cater for their children.
  • A late 30’s and 40’s family close to retirement having children should consider a 20 year life insurance to cater for their children until they become independent.
  • For people in late 40′s and 50′s and are close to retirement should consider a 10 year term life insurance until their mortgage is fully paid.
  • Those in their 60′s should consider a 5 year term life insurance policy to cover for their short term debts e.g. credit line.


Term life insurance is the simplest way of protecting your family. You’re just required to pay premiums on every month or year which is regarded as a term. Some of the offered term life insurance products include;

  • Covering for income loss of your family
  • Catering for needs and debts that are short term
  • Giving extra insurance protection during the years for raising your child
  • Offers protection for longer terms to assist payment of your family’s mortgage or paying post-secondary education

Go to http://ourinsurancecanada.com/online-quotes-life-insurance-canada/ to learn how to get an online life insurance quotes in Canada.

Whole Life Insurance Quotes in Canada

Unlike term insurance where premiums increase over time, premiums for whole life insurance are permanent for life. Premiums for whole life insurance in the past years of the policy surpass the costs of the company insurance. Later in life, since the premiums for whole life usually remain level, they will in fact be less than the company’s costs of insurance on an annual basis.

Policies for whole life insurance

Life insurance gives you protection for opportunities and needs for a lifetime.


  • Level premiums to the age 100 years
  • Tax-deferred increase of the cash value
  • Your beneficiaries get death benefits on income tax-free
  • The insured can access the cash value during their lifetime
  • You’re eligible to earn dividends even if they are not guaranteed

A good financial plan ensures that you leave your loved ones financially stable rather than them having to cope with inadequate income and debts. Having a whole life insurance, you’ll build your financial security and that of your family.

In case of premature deaths, life insurance can be used for the following;

  • Payment of any debts and final expenses
  • A source for your family income
  • Make sure your family resources are maintained to have comfortable living standards
  • Support your favorite charity and leave a legacy

While still alive some of the insurance policies can do the following;

  • Create tax benefit savings that you can access in times of needs to cater for personal or business opportunities
  • Add-on your retirement income
  • Offering long term care or home care for you and your family

whole life insurance

You can use life insurance for

  • Protecting your home mortgage
  • Offer your family protection in case of a sudden loss
  • Assisting in managing wealth and estate planning
  • Help to plan for your retirement savings


The Purpose of Whole Life Insurance

The design for whole life insurance is in such a way that it gives cover in case of death by assisting with the continuing expenses and offering income to your loved ones. It can still be used to do the following;

  • Pay taxes for estates
  • Cover for charity with tax benefits
  • Plan for estates for your children and grandchildren

Owners of business can also use whole life insurance for numerous strategies that save tax and preserve wealth. It offers a guaranteed insurance amount at guaranteed rice. You can get increasing life insurance amounts and good portions on savings returns for monthly or annual deposits based on the type of whole life insurance.

How whole life insurances operates

Universal and whole life insurance policies have four essential parts. For whole life insurance, these costs have not been broken down, you get only the monthly and annual premiums but these components have been offered for Universal life insurance.

  • Mortality Cost – cost that offers funds for paying claims according to mortality tables
  • Administration charge – the company allocates administration costs and the premium tax which is around 2% in the majority provinces.
  • Investment or Savings – the result after taking out your deposit’s first two charges
  • Return on savings – It’s the rate of interest credited to the cash value in your account annually. This is regarded as performance credit or dividend for whole life policies.

More information regarding how life insurance work at http://www.personalfinance.duke.edu/make-todays-decisions/insurance/how-does-life-insurance-work

Types of Whole Life insurance Policies

Whole life insurance has two policies;

  • Participating whole life policies
  • Non-participating whole life policies


Participating whole life policies

Dividends that are sometimes referred to as dividend credit are included to these policies each year based on investment’s financial performance achieved by money paid by policy holders.

Also, there will be an increase of the policy face value over the years whenever the holder of the policy opts not to take the dividend in form of cash payout.

In case the fund performs incredibly well, a portion of profits will be put aside to cover for the disparity in years when the funds will underperform. This will result to quite stable dividend payouts even if they have been declining for the past three years after the fall of returns bond.

You’ll receive some benefits for participating whole life policies such as;

  • Seriously put into consideration buying a policy from a mutual company such as Equitable Life
  • No guarantee for dividends (Performance Credits)
  • There is no guarantee for cash surrender values


Non-Participating Whole Life Insurance Policies

These policies guarantee the cash values, insurance amount and the premium that your beneficiary will receive. They give an illustration including these details and the values illustrated are completely guaranteed.

Non-participating whole life insurance policies are used frequently to cater for the final expenses. They behave as lesser face values that enhance their affordability.

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Life Insurance Quotes in London Ontario

You’ll make a great difference for you and your dependents by having the ideal life insurance protection. The difference between leaving your estate protected financially and leaving behind inadequate income debts is brought by an ideal financial security plan that comprise of life insurance.


Types of life insurance in London Ontario

Term Life Insurance

This is well placed to cater for protection of short term needs at less initial costs. For instance, a young family having a mortgage and young children can use term life insurance as an affordable option for getting full coverage required for the moment.

Permanent Life Insurance

This insurance protects you all your life. It accumulates a cash surrender value paid to the owner of the policy in case of a policy cancellation or withdrawing funds from policy as well as offering death benefits.

Participating Life Insurance

Some insurance companies have withdrawn from the market of participating life insurance. These policies are built on the foundation that has guaranteed values such as the basic coverage, basic premium, guaranteed cash values portion and guaranteed reduced paid-up values portion.

Universal Life Insurance

This is a permanent life insurance protection that has tax-advantaged investment module. It assists you to meet financial opportunities and responsibilities that build in your lifetime. The universal life insurance incorporates tax-advantaged investment module and traditional life insurance that comprise of a wide variety of internet options.


Uses of universal life insurance

  • Payment of any debts and final expenses
  • Assists in offering resources to your family to maintain living standards that are comfortable for them
  • Pay any outstanding taxes on your estate
  • Leave a legacy on the charity of your choice or community
  • Offer money to your business that can be used to fund a buy-sell agreement
  • Protecting your business from losing key employees
  • The amount of life coverage needed

The amount of life insurance needed is based on your final expenses and the monetary needs that are needed by your family in the future. If you have dependants’ ensure that you buy a sustainable life insurance so that when it’s added with other income sources, it will offer financial stability for your family.

Here is a list of insurance agents in London Ontario.

Life Insurance Quotes in Toronto

Why use Canada insurance plan?

You’ll get insurance brokers who are licensed by the government and agents regulated by Insurance Commission of Canada

  • Deal with experienced brokers who are contracted independently with all providers of insurance
  • There are no fees for advertisement services by the broker
  • Better Business Bureau members hold zero complaints standing

Life insurance offers financial protection for

  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Cover business loans
  • Protecting a young family
  • Protection of the income



RateSupermarket.ca gives an online platform for Canadians to compare the market and look for the best rates for mortgage, GIC, credit cards, savings account and insurance quotes in a single search. RateSupermarket.ca is an independent website for comparing rates in Canada to get the best financial rates in the market and access these products via their vast network.

Mortgage rates

The RateSupermarket.ca is number one service for comparing mortgage rates in Canada. They give comparisons for the best mortgage rates from credit unions, mortgage brokers and banks.

life insurance

Life, car and home insurance

You can use RateSupermarket.ca to get the best life insurance quotes from companies in Canada. You’ll as well get the best insurance quotes for your car and home. With RateSupermarket.ca you can also compare credit cards, GIC Rates and savings accounts.


Kanetix is an online insurance website which is popular for its comparisons for Property, Car, Health, Life and Travel Insurance from various insurers. It helps you determine the cheapest insurance quote and get a quality insurance policy.

You will determine the perfect insurer for you by reading various reviews that will assist you come up with a perfect insurance company. Some other related reviews are such as;

  • Great-West Life Insurance Reviews
  • Federated Insurance Reviews
  • Empire Life Insurance Reviews

Kanetix Company was founded in 1999 by George Small and Gregory Ellis, with a mission to offer a platform where Canadians can shop for the ideal insurance in a way that is convenient and saves money. When you open their page, you get a message that tells you that you are capable of saving $600 on Car Insurance. This is great since a lot of people don’t have sufficient money to be insured after they have spent most of it in purchasing their cars and other vital commodities.

Kanetix have a partnership with more than 50 insurers where you can get quotes from. Companies such as RBC Insurance, Belair Direct and Aviva have a reputation of offering great insurance protection. When you compare products provided by top companies have many advantages.

It’s easy you f to get a quote. At along the top of their website, there is a list of all different types of insurance for you to compare from. A drop down list will appear that have sub categories for you to select from. You’re required to input personal details like your postal code, destination or age, based on the insurance type of your choice as well answer all the questions that pop up to get a display for a range of policies where you can choose from.

Before you buy any insurance, make sure you know what exactly it entails and what it covers you from. Go through the various reviews to get a perfect insurer. If you’re not sure on anything, contact their helpline for assistance.

LCM capital advisors

Life insurance is very necessary for you to have. LCM capital advisors assist Canadians in Toronto to have the best choices for insurance company. When you’re thinking of the type of insurance you want to purchase, you should ask yourself on the situation your family will be left in without you and the legacy you’d want to leave behind. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you’ll have a peace of mind that will assist you in taking care of your family financially when you’re gone. Click here to get more information about LCM capital advisor.

Insurance availability and cost depends on the followings factors;

  • Age
  • Health
  • Type of insurance
  • Amount of insurance purchased

You’ll incur insurance expenses such as mortality and expense charges when purchasing an insurance policy. When you surrender a policy prematurely, you’ll incur income tax implications and surrender charges. Guarantees depend on the ability of your insurance company to pay for claims. Consult the LCM capital advisors to explore your life insurance options.

Reasons to purchase a life insurance policy

  • To cater for the college expenses for your dependants
  • Leave a legacy at the charity organization of your choice
  • Paying off your mortgage
  • Achieving other goals

Life Insurance Quotes in Ontario

With life’s pressures and businesses placing tighter restraints on consumers receiving benefits, it is important to find resources that are reputable. Here we will give several worthwhile insurance agencies found in the Ontario area. Because of its higher cost of living than other provinces, the life insurance rates Ontario residents pay are often higher. Finding affordable life insurance can be a daunting task, but with this list, you can get a quote privately and quickly by filling out a simple online form.

You may say, “I already have life insurance.” Well, is it the best for your money? Does it cover everything you need? Answer these questions by viewing several companies and comparing the quotes that they give for your unique characteristics. Savings are always worth the research, and comparing companies is how you find the best fit for you.

Find cheaper rates, compare benefits, and gain security in knowing your loved ones will be provided for after you are gone. Everyone recognizes the importance of having adequate life insurance coverage. Get the coverage you need.

  • RBC Insurance (http://www.rbcinsurance.com): This company welcomes rate comparisons and encourages you to do so. It also does not require a medical exam and offers easy solutions to acquire benefits. RBC has a very quick and easy application process as well.
  • CAA Life (www.caalife.ca): This company offers term life insurance and gives a guarantee that you will be covered. It has an easy application process, and you can apply online for an easy quote or request a brochure to compare their terms more closely to other companies.
  • SBLI (http://life.sbli.com): Here you may fill out the online form, chat with an online customer service representative and get a quote, or you can request more information. This company has been providing insurance services for over 100 years and is one of the most professional and customer service oriented firms you will find.



The search for adequate insurance for your family is definitely necessary

With the cost of everything from gas to groceries constantly rising, the search for adequate insurance for your family is definitely necessary. Your death may leave your family and your estate in the red due to passing your debt to your family or leaving them without adequate income to cover their expenses.

Most families live paycheck to paycheck and so many, without the extra income from their loved ones, would sink into poverty. However, having and finding adequate life insurance can be expensive, especially if you don’t shop around. Find that perfect balance between coverage and affordability for your situation by visiting the above links and requesting your free quotes.
No one wants to burden their family, and why should you? Take into consideration choosing your plan wisely, and don’t purchase unnecessary coverage. All of the companies listed here will help you select from various life insurance options as well as help you pick the one that’s right for you and your budget. Whether you’re looking for whole life insurance or term life insurance, they will all be able to provide with various choices. Compare and save on reliable, affordable insurance coverage.

Click here to get life insurance quotes online.

Life Insurance Quotes in Canada with No Medical Questions

Life insurance is a contract made between the policyholder and the person who insures him or her. The insurer assents to pay a large amount of money in the outcome of the policyholder’s death. The payment is given to the insured’s beneficiaries. The policyholder is required to pay a premium, in conformity with the payment terms agreed upon with the insurer.

The cost of life insurance normally relies upon various factors, such as the type of life insurance policy, the policyholder’s age, health, and status. However, there are some companies in Canada from whom you can request a quote for life insurance without having to answer medical questions.

Life insurance in Canada is divided into two classes: temporary life insurance and permanent life insurance.


Temporary Life Insurance

This kind of insurance is for people who demand coverage for a particular period of time The characteristics of a temporary policy include:

  • The sum insured and the cost of the policy is guaranteed for the period of policy.
  • Bonuses are decided by the insurance company on the basis of general health status.
  • Periods accessible are normally 5, 10 and 20 years.
  • Several people may be insured under the corresponding policy.


life insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is generally considered by people who are looking for monetary safety for their families in the occurrence of a premature death. The general characteristics of a permanent life insurance policy in Canade include:

  • 10-year, 20-year, 65-year and 100-year period availability
  • The sum insured and the cost of the policy are guaranteed for the period of policy.
  • Bonuses are decided by the sum insured on people’s policies and common health status.
  • Several people may be insured under the corresponding policy.

Ontario, Canada life insurance quotes are more expensive than any other province due to the greater cost of living than any other province.

Ontario, Canada’s most highly populated province, is a favorite of life insurance companies because Ontario’s average life span nowadays is over 81, including men, women, and all races.

Compare this to people of California, USA, with an average life span of 77. This increase in the approximated life span in Ontario has come from changes in diet, decreased smoking, and to a lesser extent, higher exercise rates and modern medicine. In fact, the people of Ontario have one of the greatest expected life spans in the world.

Click here to learn few things about life insurance in Canada.


Where to Find Life Insurance Quotes in Canada with No Medical Questions

1. TimeToInvest gathers the most advantageous life insurance quotes that Canada providers offer. With regard to TimeToInvest, Canada term life insurance quotes don’t tend to be highly priced. When people communicate with one of their advisors, they will supply a Canada life insurance quote without asking medical questions.

2. The Insurance Hotline has made it very easy to receive a life insurance quote. Ricky from Toronto, for example, was linked with a broker that answered all his queries and helped him attain the desirable package for his needs.

Lorraine from Toronto said that she didn’t know that she could receive a greater rate on life insurance until she visited Insurance Hotline.

Go to http://ourinsurancecanada.com/online-quotes-life-insurance-canada/ to get Canada’s online life insurance quotes.

Life Insurance Canada Quotes

How Much Life Insurance do You Need in Canada?

Sometimes, there is an overload of online information about life insurance in Canada, and you can often get many complicated answers to a seemingly straightforward question. One such question is how much life insurance you need.

Some people require very little insurance, while others need much more. For instance, people with large families need lots of insurance, whereas single people with no dependents require very little. However, individuals can still benefit from life insurance because it covers expenses like funeral costs. Individuals with families should consider life insurance for children’s college expenses or paying off debt which they do not wish their families to inherit. Business owners should consider insurance so that it continues to function smoothly after they die or to protect the business from the loss of key employees.

How to Get the Lowest Quotes:

  • Get a medical examination done on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning so that the blood test is at its cleanest and your blood pressure is at its lowest.
  • Answer all the medical questions in as much detail as possible so that insurers have an incentive to offer the best rates.
  • Get as many quotes as you can. This is easily and conveniently done online, and these quotations do not bind you to anything.

life insurance qoutes

Life Insurance Online

There are websites like http://www.life-insurance-quotes.ca/ which offer instant quotations online from many leading Canadian insurance companies. They also offer guaranteed insurance acceptance because there is no medical examination or need to fill out a questionnaire. You can use a life insurance cover to:

  • Protect your home mortgage
  • Provide financial security to your family and dependents
  • Assist with estate planning and managing your wealth
  • Help you with retirement planning

The website will also provide you with a Life Insurance Calculator to make your calculations and to give you as many free instant quotations as you need. You can also get a free consultation with a licensed Canadian insurance broker, but remember that your choice of broker will not affect the rates that you receive from the insurance company

Sample Life Insurance Plan

For this example, I have used the CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan. If you were worried about affordability because of age or health issues, this plan guarantees acceptance because neither a medical examination, nor an answer to a questionnaire is required. Other features include:

  • Coverage up to $25,000 with the possibility of obtaining an additional $12,500 at no extra cost (subject to conditions)
  • Available to Canadian residents between the ages of 40 and 75 years
  • Accidental Death Benefit at no additional cost, under which your beneficiary could receive up to five times the insured amount if you die accidentally before the age of 85
  • Living Benefit cash advance provides you with an advance of up to 50% of the coverage in the case of terminal illness with 12 months or less to live
  • No increase in premiums regardless of any change in age or health, and no cancellation of the policy as long as the premiums are paid on time

Click here to get an online life insurance quotes in Canada.

5 Reasons to Use a Life Insurance Broker

In today’s fast life and busy environment, we are inclined to focus on the moment or the immediate future, rather than concentrating on potential scenarios and their sometimes fatal outcomes. You probably didn’t notice the driver that almost lost control of his car and was about to hit you. Or the construction worker above your head that almost dropped his 40-pound tool on you. We rarely notice those things until it is too late, and we are often caught in a situation where the simple step of buying insurance would have saved us a whole lot of problems and money. Find out why a broker is your bestfriend when applying to a life insurance at http://www.mcmha.org/broker-friend-applying-life-insurance/


life insurance broker


Many people believe every myth they hear when it comes to life insurance brokers. We have compiled a short and useful list that breaks down those myths and will help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to your insurance.


  1. Many people believe that getting a life insurance broker costs them more. This is a common misconception. Research shows that using an insurance broker’s services actually saves money, since a professional broker gets preferential prices from the companies he works with and is able to give you discounts for which you wouldn’t be eligible on your own.
  2. An insurance broker will help you find the exact service that fits your particular needs. You might use a website that will make a comparison between a few offers, but that website will never be familiar with you and your situation the way that a professional would. Also, insurance brokers work with numerous agencies, which allows them to provide a wide variety of services and give you well-informed advice that will aid the decision.
  3. Keeping track of your insurances can be a tedious and time-consuming occupation. If you and your family have multiple insurances, some of them might overlap, or maybe have conflicts in between. You can also have numerous insurances but still miss out on something important that should have coverage. A trained professional can take care of all of this for you, while not only keeping track of everything for you and making sure that you are completely covered, but also offering preferential prices. This is an opportunity you will not get if you are working directly with the insurance company.
  4. Time. In today’s fast-paced environment, we rarely have a lot of spare time, especially for such trivial tasks as going through tons of documentation and comparing services. It is a broker’s job to save you the effort and time, while giving you better service than you could have gotten yourself, even with extensive research and a huge time investment.
  5. If at some point you need to collect your premiums from the insurance company, a broker is an invaluable source of information and will help you understand the whole process. Also, the broker will collect your premiums for you, a task easily said but rather complicated in practice.


Overall, there is absolutely no reason not to use the services of a life insurance broker. He or she will save you money, time, and will do a lot of the work that would otherwise fall on you. Make sure you bookmark our website for other pro-tips that will save you time and money, and don’t forget to ask your life insurance broker about the promotional offers he has for you!

Get  Canada’s online life  insurance quotes – here!

Online Quotes for Life Insurance in Canada

If you’re looking for online quotes for life insurance in Canada, the following will provide you with 7 of Canada’s top sources. Read a little about them and then visit their site find and compare best quotes for you.



With the goal of providing Canadians the easiest way of shopping for and comparing life insurance options offered in Canada, TermCanada is a website where you can get quotes online in an instant. The online quote engine will give you a list of 25+ insurance companies, from which you can compare one to another to get the lowest rate. Updated portfolios of different insurance companies in Canada are always provided to give the clients the best and most stable rates for their financial service needs. You can visit TermCanada at http://www.termcanada.com/.


Instant Life Insurance

With more than 20 leading Canadian insurance companies to compare, Instant Life Insurance aims to give you instant online quotations and a wide range of choices for the best insurance and financial service providers to meet your own personal needs. This is not an insurance company that sells plans, but an independent company with expertise in giving you evaluations of which plan is best for you and your loved ones. Visit Instant Life Insurance at http://www.instant-life-insurance.net/.




Working hand-in-hand with all the major insurance companies in Canada, Canada-Life-Insurance.Org will give you unbiased and expert advice on your choice of pre-need plans. By using their services for free, you can get an instant online quote for the insurance you need from different major insurance companies in Canada. They will do the search so you don’t have to. Visit them at http://www.canada-life-insurance.org/index.php.


Insurance Hotline

Insurance Hotline is an independent company providing free online insurance rate comparison service and advice. By completing an online form, Insurance Hotline will give you instant online quotes and connect you to more than 30 insurance companies in Canada so you can compare the rates and choose the one that will meet your needs and your budget. Visit Insurance Hotline at http://www.insurancehotline.com/.


Canada Life Insurance Quotes

Canada Life Insurance Quotes is a broker that gives you access to instant online quotes for life insurance and any other financial services you need from the major insurance providers in Canada. It is their job to give you comparable insurance rates and financial services for free, allowing you to choose the best one that meets your needs for insuring your family’s future. Visit them at https://www.life-insurance-quotes.ca/default.aspx?Section=Common&Page=Quote.



Kanetix is a broker that provides free online quotes for life insurance from Canada’s top insurers. The goal of this company is to provide you with different rates of insurance plans from the top insurers in Canada. It is also their job to help you choose the best one by helping you figure out how much life insurance is enough for you and your family. There are several questions you will need to answer to find out which plan is perfect for your needs. Visit Kanetix at http://www.kanetix.ca/life-insurance.



ComparaSave is an independent company that provides the lowest rates for insurance and mortgages from trusted partners. They give individuals free access to instant online quotations and compare the rates of more than 30 insurance companies. They will connect you to the company that offers the lowest rate or the one that offers the best services based on your own personal needs and budget. Visit them at http://www.comparasave.com/insurance-quotes.

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